My name is John Schultz and I’m a plant guy. Some guys love cars and motorcycles, I”m into plants. I started this blog to tell you about my plants. In doing this I will have to research the plants that will be featured to help me tell you my experience with these plants. This may help you with your garden. If you want to leave comments and tell me about your experience with the featured plant we both can benefit. When you have a passion for something you always want to learn more. I am by no means an expert in horticulture but someday I would like to be. So I thought it would be a cool idea to to start a board that I can feature every day plants that home owners use around the yard in Florida. I live in Port St. Lucie where we in a area of both tropical and sub tropical weather.  You can see a picture of my water garden at left, this is my little piece of paradise. This piece of paradise is a lot of work and some things I try work and others fail. I have just started a hydroponics garden and we will be discussing that.  I will have updates on how this is going.  I have allot of palms in my yard so I’m learning how to care for and propagate palms. These will be featured in the weeks to come. Stop by often and lets talk Plants, Ponds and Palms.