Pink Porterweed

Pink Porterweed (Stachytarpheta mutabilis) is a variety that is native to South America but does very well in the climate of South Florida. .  The bright pink flowers of this Porterweed are striking but like the flowers of other Porterweed species, each flowers is very fleeting and last about a day on average. The flower-spikes produce flowers from the bottom up and keep blooming up the spike until the coldest parts of winter take hold. My pink porter weed grows out to about 15 foot diameter off the corner of my fence that surrounds the water garden.This plant gets very big if left unchecked. I like to let it grow throughout the summer and trim it back in the winter months. Pink porterweed is not only an attractor for butterflies and moths but honey bees, bumble bees and wasps of every kind. I like to go out and just see what buzzing around my bush. The flowers do not last long but are continually returning on other branches.

The branches are somewhat fragile and after a good hard wind they do break off only to grow back in a couple of weeks. I acquired this plant from a close friend and owner of Water Garden Design Build in Port St. Lucie Florida. It was just a med sized root ball with a couple branches of foliage. Within one season it grew to 15 ft. dia and at least 10 ft tall. I don’t water this plant much since it seems to grow just fine without any extra water than what we get from rain. If you are looking for a butterfly attracting plant that continually blooms and covers a very large area find yourselves a pink potterweed you will be happy you did.

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